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Below are the various curriculum and tutoring services I provide to students of varying ages and abilities!

I approach each of my students with care, intention, and joy. I tailor lessons to meet their specific learning styles to help them engage and become excited about the material. I aspire to nurture their curiosity about the world and cultivate their love of learning. Above all, I want every one of my students to feel valued for who they are as human beings, regardless of their academic skills.

Creating Waldorf Mini-Blocks

For Grades 1-8,

  • I'm available to create any Waldorf Block for your child and tailor it to the frequency of your child's weekly lessons.

  • I recently created a 4th grade Human and Animal Block for a student meeting with me for 45 minutes, twice a week for 6 weeks.


For Grades 9-12,

  • I'm available to create History and English blocks.

  • I currently teach two 10th grade students an English Block inspired by the Hero's Journey (once a week for 11 weeks). 

Kindergarten Classroom

Homeschool Support

Need support tackling all academic aspects of your child's education?


For Grades 1-8,

  • I'm available to teach all homeschool material including math, literature, writing, grammar, spelling, history, or any combination of these subjects.


For Grades 9-12,

  • I'm available to teach English and History.

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After-School Tutoring

Does your child/student attend regular school and need a bit of extra support when they come home?


For Grades 1-8,

  • I offer tutoring support in math, all language arts, and history. 


For Grades 9-12,

  • I offer tutoring for humanities classes only. 


For all students,

  • I support with time management, executive functioning, organization, and study skills. 


French Lessons & Tutoring

As a fluent French speaker since childhood, I provide French lessons for students ages 5 to 105!

For beginning French students,

  • I can support you in speaking French from the very beginning. 

For intermediate French students,

  • I can support you with improving your grammar and speaking skills. 


Lets have a conversation!

Please reach out to me by email so I can hear about you or your child’s tutoring needs. Pricing varies dependent on services offered. I provide a free, 30-minute initial conversation so we can chat and determine whether or not I'm a good fit. 


I look forward to hearing from you!

Email Catherine Dixon at:

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