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Tutoring and Educational Support Services 


Catherine H. Dixon, M.Ed.

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Hello! I’m Catherine and I provide virtual tutoring and educational support services to students across the country. I offer tutoring instruction in history, English, math, science, and French. Additionally, I provide students with homework support and work with them on study skills and time management strategies. 


Foundational to my work is developing connection. That’s the magic ingredient, for kids in particular. My ten years of classroom teaching experience in Baltimore, DC, and Oregon taught me that through connection all learning blossoms. 


When distance learning began, I was worried I would not be able to connect with students on a virtual platform to the degree I do in person. That has proven simply not true. I am amazed and delighted at the friendships I have developed with each of my students. We laugh, share stories of our lives, introduce each other to our pets—AND get the lessons and learning done! I am certain that part of the enthusiasm my students have for our tutoring sessions comes from them feeling seen and appreciated for who they are as human beings. I am filled with gratitude for to have worked with over 30 students since 2019!

I welcome the opportunity to support your child in their educational journey!


Born and raised in Washington D.C., I have a BA in Political Science and Geography from the University of Vermont, and a Masters of Education and Waldorf Teacher Training from Antioch University New England. I was a middle school teacher in Baltimore City, a substitute teacher in multiple D.C. private schools, and a Waldorf class teacher in Southern Oregon from 2012-2019. I returned to the Oregon coast in 2019 after traveling the world, including a multi-month journey at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica! 



English, History, Science, Math & French



I approach each of my students with care, intention, and joy. I tailor lessons to meet their specific learning styles to help them engage and become excited about the material. I aspire to nurture their curiosity about the world and cultivate their love of learning. Above all, I want every one of my students to feel valued for who they are as human beings, regardless of their academic skills.

I provide tailored curriculum development and tutoring for families seeking support with:

  • Waldorf Homeschooling Block Curriculums

  • Homeschooling

  • After-School Tutoring

French lessons and tutoring are available for students ages 5-105!

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Ms. Dixon was able to provide what no other teacher through online tutoring could...a sense of true personal connection with the teacher and with the work. My daughter looked forward to every math session with her beloved teacher. Ms. Dixon creates a virtual environment where focus is easily attained and maintained. We highly, highly, with no doubts recommend her.

- Sabina K.

I am thrilled about the French Conversation that I am doing with Catherine! She is a natural teacher and by our second meeting, she understood that my main learning impediment is anxiety and self-doubt. She also realized that I am a visual learner. So she has factored both of these into her approach with me. Catherine is successfully getting me past my fears of making a fool of myself! She creates a safe and interactive environment, in which I have been able to relax and have fun with her and the language. It’s been very fun and quite thrilling to be adding to my French understanding.

- Anne W.

Catherine truly cares about my nephew.  Not only has she gone to great lengths to connect with him, which hasn't been easy in the aftermath of his mom's untimely death, but she's worked all the angles to ensure that he gets his homework done and has the adult supervision through the process that he needs.  This was a kiddo who simply wasn't interested in school, but now as a 14-year old, there's a lot of good grades and a lot of hope! 

- Jennifer R.

Contact Me
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Let's have a conversation!

Please reach out to me by email so I can hear about you or your child’s tutoring needs. Pricing varies dependent on services offered. I provide a free, 30-minute initial conversation so we can chat and determine whether or not I'm a good fit. 


I look forward to hearing from you!

Email Catherine Dixon at:

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